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Leana Burger holds an LLB (Stell) and Master’s Degree in Commercial Law (LLM). She is an accredited mediator, registered with FAMAC(Family Mediators Association of the Cape), and a practicing attorney and conveyancer. She’s also a debt counsellor. She started the business, BM Attorneys, in 2010 in Cape Town CBD. The firm was rewarded with consistent growth and client expansion and relocated commercial offices to the Tyger Waterfront in order to service a broader range of suburbs, including the Cape Winelands. The firm is on the home-loans panel of Standard Bank South Africa, and often exceed turnaround times faster than competitors.

Solution-oriented approach

Leana’s passion and expertise lies in assisting couples through divorce mediation and family law matters. She is well-known for her analytical abilities and managing large amounts of complex legal and commercial matters until finalisation. She functions well under extremely hostile and stressful situations, and has had success in settling many client matters out of court. Leana follows a solution-oriented approach and views no dispute unable to resolve. She is adept at guiding couples and businesses through high-conflict situations. 

Benefit from our network

Leana is currently studying psychology part-time, in an effort to further broaden her mediation expertise and experience, specifically with regards to couples facing high-conflict divorce challenges, prioritising the interests of children. Leana has a strong network with various couples’ therapists and child psychologists and is able to make excellent recommendations where needed.

What we do

The firm practices law in a manner that assists clients in reaching their objectives and finding solutions that are cost and time effective. This firm is known for speed and diligence in the execution of property and family law matters, specifically, saving clients unnecessary costs. 

Tailor-made service

“We tailor our services to the personal and business needs of our clients,” says Ms Burger. “Your first call should be to a mediator, and not a litigation attorney. Confidentiality is guaranteed. We aim to resolve conflicts, not litigate at clients’ emotional and financial expense,” she says.

Our mediation and legal assistance

Burger Potgieter offers the following services: Property Transfers, Bond Applications and Registrations, Deal Structuring, Mediation, Drafting of Shareholders’ Agreements, Drafting and Settlement of Parenting Plans, Divorce Matters, Drafting of Wills and Codicils, Filing/Safekeeping of various legal documentation and registration of Ante- and Post Nuptial Agreements. Our passion lies in mediation and assisting clients to avoid unnecessary litigation and related expenses. 

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Let Leana assist you: Get in touch with us by completing your particulars below and we will be in contact. Appointments can be scheduled between Mondays and Fridays. Appointments in the Cape Winelands area can be scheduled on Fridays. Appointments after hours or on Saturdays can be arranged at an adjusted fee rate. Leana often assist clients and family lawyers in Johannesburg and Pretoria with opposed divorce or commercial matters.

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